The Formula 1 pit stop has been used for eons as a model to show how SMED or Quick Changeover concepts are applied. Enjoy this video where they show us Lean concepts with precision.

The Ferrari F1 Pit Stop

Notice in this video that the Ferrari F1 pit stop demonstrates Lean concepts perfectly. Many of the principles of Lean Thinking have been applied here, not just quick changeover.

1. Internal tasks have been transferred into external tasks at every opportunity to reduce downtime / changeover time.

2. 5S is applied in that the entire pit stop area and garage is laid out for maximum flow and minimum effort in completing the tasks of getting the F1 race car on the track, refuelling it and fitting new tyres during the race.

3. Minimum movement is exhibited by the team during the pit stop process.

4. The process is balanced perfectly so that the cycle time for completing every task matches the duration of all of the others.

The Formula 1 pit stop will continue to be a favourite way of showing how Lean methods can be applied and paradigms broken in the process.

For your interest, here’s another video of the Ferrari F1 race team in action. This time setting a world record.